The Confederation Debates!


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Canada continues to evolve with each passing day, but many of the issues we face resemble or were impacted by past struggles. Before each province and territory became a part of Canada, their local legislatures (and the House of Commons after 1867) debated the extent, purposes, and principles of political union between 1865 and 1949. From 1871 to 1921, Indigenous Peoples and Crown officials also negotiated Numbered Treaties that committed both parties to lasting relationships. The Confederation Debates brings all of these debates together for the first time, and makes them accessible to present and future generations of all ages through a website permanently hosted by the University of Victoria where users can search the texts, ebooks, and “quotes of the day” in both official languages, as well as download grade 7/8 and high school lesson plans that cater to each provinces’ history and curriculum.

You can contribute to the ongoing debates by transcribing documents for present and future Canadians, and by sharing what you learn on social media.

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