Suggest a Project Proposal


For more than one hundred years, The Champlain Society has been the leading publisher of Canada’s documentary heritage. Many of its volumes have focused on pioneering explorers such as Champlain, Franklin, Radisson, and Thompson, but the Champlain Society has adopted a wide-ranging definition of exploration. Recent volumes have documented business concerns, affairs of the heart, scientific breakthroughs and interwar diplomacy.

The Champlain Society is always welcoming of suggestions for new volumes, whether they relate to the sixteenth century or the past hundred years. It is particularly interested in projects that tie to upcoming anniversaries of important events, individuals, or organizations.

Your proposal should be no more than three pages in length, outline the scholarly values and interests of the intended project, and explain how those goals will be achieved. Please note that volumes cannot exceed 120,000 words. Please include a brief curriculum vitae, a sampling of the proposed documents (no more than ten pages), as well as a list of sources.

Please direct submissions to:

Professor E. Jane Errington

The Champlain Society

University of Toronto Press Journals

5201 Dufferin Street

Toronto, ON

M3H 5T8