Occasional Papers


The Champlain Society – Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers I – Documentary Editing: Whose Voices?, by Jennifer S.H. Brown; and Looking Backward, Reaching Forward: The Champlain Society and Documentary Publishing, by Laura Millar Coles (Publication date: 1992):

Authors: Jennifer S.H. Brown, Laura Millar Coles

ISBN: 0-9693425-2-7

Occasional Papers II – Gin Das Winan: Documenting Aboriginal History in Ontario. A Symposium at Bkejwanong, Walpole Island First Nation, September 23,1994 (Publication date: 1996):

Editors: Dale Standen, David McNab

ISBN: 0-9693425-6-X

Occasional Papers III – Champlain and The Champlain Society: An Early Expedition into Documentary Publishing (Publication date: 2006):

Author: Conrad E. Heidenreich

Editor: Roger Hall

ISBN: 978-0-9689317-4-5

This book examines the founding of The Champlain Society in 1905 by Sir Edmund Walker and its immediate involvement in an ambitious, pioneering venture into scholarly publishing: the collation, translating, editing, and printing of the six-volume Works of Samuel de Champlain (published 1922–36) under the general editorship of Henry P. Biggar.