How to Submit to Findings/Trouvailles

We welcome all proposals for contributions to Findings/Trouvailles. Here is how to make yours:

  • Proposals are considered by a team of scholars and Champlain Society members comprised of Stacy Nation-Knapper (Chair), Tina Adcock, Patrice Dutil, Mairi Cowan, Travis Hay, Abril Liberatori, Andrew Nurse, and Donald Wetherell. Start with a basic pitch of a paragraph or two. The team will read your proposal, come back with suggestions, and work with you in the editing phase.
  • Items need not be new to scholarship, but should speak to us in an interesting way. Contributions are informed, but not necessarily scholarly. We want to hear about how you came upon your “finding” or “trouvaille,” and why you think it is important and engaging.
  • An item need not be in a Canadian collection, but it should have some significance to Canadian history. It should not be in a private collection that would make it unavailable to others.
  • The Champlain Society publishes in English, but we welcome Findings/Trouvailles contributions in French. In those instances, we will prepare an English version to post as well.
  • Contributions should be kept to 800 to 1,200 words, not including a transcribed excerpt, endnotes, or bibliographic material.
  • An image that can be published online is helpful, even if the item is a document. Keep in mind that permissions may be required from archives or museums to reproduce such images.
  • Findings/Trouvailles is meant to be scholarly in its accuracy, but not in its presentation or tone. You don’t need a thesis statement.
  • Endnotes should be kept to a minimum, to provide clarification in an excerpt, for example. We encourage lists of sources and suggestions for further reading.

Submit your proposal here.