Findings/Trouvailles is a regular online feature of the Champlain Society that presents an intriguing piece of the Canadian past. Every posting offers a new surprise: an archival document, a piece of correspondence, a baptismal record, an old newspaper report, film footage, a work of art, a sound recording, an object of material culture—even an entire building. Each “finding” or “trouvaille” is the subject of a learned discussion that, in the typical style of Champlain Society publications, illuminates the content and context of the “find.” Through Findings/Trouvailles, the Champlain Society provides everyone with a passion for Canadian history to share their interest in the people and events of the past and to explain how these artifacts speak to them. The items need not be in a Canadian collection, but they should enhance our understanding of Canadian history.

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Editorial Committee: Stacy Nation-Knapper (Chair), Tina Adcock, Patrice Dutil, Mairi Cowan, Travis Hay, Abril Liberatori, Andrew Nurse, and Donald Wetherell


Sarah Dunford’s Purchases: Selecting Clothing and Fabrics at an Upper Canadian Country Store by Douglas McCalla (May 2016)

Ordinary Sources: Manpower and Immigration’s LIP Announcement by Andrew Nurse (April 2016)

A Man of Influence: Letters Related to Dr. Oronhyatekha by Michelle Hamilton (March 2016)

Curing Hockey’s Ills: Sir Henry Gray’s Address to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, March 1933 by Andrew C. Holman (January 2016)

Performing Blindness: A Postcard of the Taylor Concert Company, c1910, and the Canadian History of Disability by Sara Spike (December 2015)

“For Our Own Purposes”: Prime Minister Macdonald Deliberately Portrayed Indians As Rebels in 1885 by W.A. Waiser (November 2015)

James Nisbet’s Travel Diary, 1848: Lessons on Education, Reading, and Religion in Canada West by Patricia Kmiec (October 2015)

A Gay “Kiss-in” and the Quest for Equality, 1976 by Donald W. McLeod (June 2015)

Listening through the Séance Trumpets: A Strange History of Communications in Canada by Beth A. Robertson (May 2015)

Henri Bourassa on Conscription, June 6, 1917 by Pierre Anctil (April 2015)

A “Canadian Ball” at Rivière-du-Loup, 1840, from the journal of William Ord Mackenzie by Sandra Alston (February 2015)

Lost and Found in Ontario: The Case of Champlain’s Sword(s) by Douglas Hunter (January 2015)

Echoes of Exploration: Two Songs of Franklin by Daniel Robert Laxer (December 2014)

The 1839 Memorial of Jacob Franks for services during the War of 1812 by Peter Davis (November 2014)

The David Thompson Memorial Fort: An Early Attempt to Make a Tourist Attraction Out of Western Canadian History by Ben Bradley (October 2014)

Étienne Brûlé: Paris Bourgeois by Danièle Caloz (September 2014)

Étienne Brûlé : Bourgeois parisien par Danièle Caloz (Septembre 2014)

Franklin Relics, Then and Now: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty on Display by Tina Adcock (May 2014)

“World’s Series Hockey Game Knocked Out by Influenza”: The 1918 influenza pandemic and the abandoned Stanley Cup final of 1919 by Douglas Hunter (April 2014)

“We Want Our Land”: A 1976 Stó:lō Land Claims Negotiations Comic by Madeline Knickerbocker (March 2014)

A Discussion on the Future of Canada: The Cahan-Bourassa Correspondence of 1911-1912 by Patrice Dutil (February 2014)

“The History of Mr Radison’s Transactions”: William Yonge’s Letter, 1692 by Germaine Warkentin (January 2014)

Kootenay Pelly and Spokane Garry: Indigenous Students at the Red River Mission School by Stacy Nation-Knapper (December 2013)

Fighting in “The Hundred Days,” France, August 1918 by J.L. Granatstein (November 2013)

Discovery of the Baptismal Certificate of Samuel de Champlain by Janet Ritch (October 2013)