About Us

The Mission of The Champlain Society

The Champlain Society is devoted to the preservation and promotion of the eye-witness accounts of Canada’s past. These include journals, diaries, books, letters, and documents of all sorts. It is our conviction that these accounts shed light not only on their authors but on the Canada they helped to discover. We are dedicated to the idea that these documents must be treated with the highest scholarly standards. The mission of the Champlain Society is to increase public awareness of Canada’s rich store of historical records and to helping make them accessible.


Honorary President
John Warkentin, OC, FRSC, LLD, PhD, York University, Toronto, Ontario

Honorary Vice-Presidents
The Hon. Alastair Gillespie, OC, PC, MComm, Toronto, Ontario
Roger Hall, PhD, Toronto, Ontario

Patrice Dutil, PhD, Toronto, Ontario

Michel S. Beaulieu, PhD, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Secretary of the Board
Donald W. McLeod, MLS, Toronto, Ontario

Peter Davis, AOCA, Mississauga, Ontario

Member-at-Large to the Executive
Janet Friskney, PhD, Toronto, Ontario

Members of Council
Heidi Bohaker, PhD, Toronto, Ontario
Danièle Caloz, MA, Toronto, Ontario
Mairi Cowan, PhD, Toronto, Ontario
Alex E. Graham, MBA, Toronto, Ontario
Gregory P. Marchildon, PhD, Toronto, Ontario
Stacy Nation-Knapper, PhD, Rochester, New York
James Paxton, PhD, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Andrew Spears, MBA/MPPM, Toronto, Ontario
Nicole St-Onge, PhD, Ottawa, Ontario
Germaine Warkentin, FRSC, PhD, Toronto, Ontario

Publications Committee Chair
Donald W. McLeod, MLS, Toronto, Ontario

General Editor
E. Jane Errington, PhD, Kingston, Ontario

Lauren Naus, University of Toronto Press-Journals Division, Toronto, Ontario