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Limited Copies of The Writings of David Thompson, Volume II: The Travels, 1848 Version and Associated Texts are Still Available for Purchase!

Continuing the celebration of the great explorer David Thompson’s travels to the West, the Champlain Society is proud to bring you The Writings of David Thompson, Volume II: The Travels, 1848 Version and Associated Texts. A limited number of print copies are available, so order soon as the first volume of the David Thompson series, The 1850 Travels, published in 2009, is out of print.

Thompson’s Travels is a distinguished literary work, alternating between the empirical and expository prose of the scientist and the immediate and vivid language of the storyteller, animated throughout by a restless spirit of inquiry and sense of wonder.

In Volume II, the 1848 Travels, Thompson describes his most enduring historical legacy: the extension of the fur trade across the Continental Divide between 1807 and 1812. During these years, he established several Nor’wester trading posts, made contact with tribal peoples of the Columbia Plateau, and tirelessly mapped the lands he traversed, all the time striving westward toward the Pacific. The tale climaxes with Thompson’s historic arrival at the mouth of the Columbia in July 1811.

Editor Bill Moreau is already working on Volume III, which will include a selection of Thompson’s letters, reports, contributions to newspapers, and prose sketches.

This volume is a supplementary publication and is only available for purchase as a single issue for the price of $56.44 (tax included). It is not included in your annual membership. Click Here to purchase your copy now.

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