The Champlain Society

“Champlain: The Man, The Explorer, The Enigma”: September 22 at the ROM

The Champlain Society joins the Royal Ontario Museum for an evening of exploration and discussion to mark the 400th anniversary of Champlain’s adventure in Huronia. Join us for an evening full of stimulating conversation and expert speakers!

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Limited Copies of The Writings of David Thompson, Volume II: The Travels, 1848 Version and Associated Texts are Still Available for Purchase!

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For over one hundred years, The Champlain Society has echoed the voices of some of Canada’s most eloquent citizens. Since the early 1600s, explorers, merchants, public servants, scientists, ordinary people, and extraordinary men and women have left riveting accounts of their actions and thoughts. Through its books and Digital Collection, The Champlain Society makes the adventures, explorations, discoveries, and opinions that have shaped Canada available to all who have an interest in its past. The Champlain Society is also scholarly: its books have been the object of meticulous treatment by specialists whose role has been to highlight the significance of the eyewitness accounts and to inform readers of the context in which these documents were drafted.

The mission of The Champlain Society is to increase public awareness of, and accessibility to, Canada’s rich store of historical records.

Its Goals Are:

  • To publish Canadian documentary materials edited and produced to the highest standards;
  • To assist the Canadian public in improving the understanding of the nation’s past through occasional public lectures, seminars, colloquia, conferences, and the publication of occasional papers;
  • To serve as an advocate on the proper care of, and accessibility to, Canada’s historical records;
  • To increase participation in the work of The Society by enlarging and broadening its membership.

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The Digital Collection is funded by the Government of Ontario